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Profusion Strategies helps high-performing professionals develop a strong foundation for success in their careers and personal lives.

Profusion Strategies clients learn key skills to drive change, lead strategically, and maintain the personal resiliency necessary to thrive under challenging circumstances.

Are you ready to gain peace of mind and position your life for success?

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What It Takes to Lead in Stressful Times

Leadership always comes with high demands - on your mind, your presence, your energy, and your time. Never is that more true, however, than when you find yourself leading during a time of stress. The stress leaders face can come in many forms. Perhaps your

Four Keys to More Effective Communication

Leaders and executives. Individual contributors. Subject matter experts and professionals. They all have one major thing in common - their success depends on communicating effectively. In this age of non-stop information, being able to convey your ideas, your vision, and your goals to the people

Three Essential Skills for Better Business Relationships

By now you’ve probably accepted - or at least heard - that relationships are key to your business success. But, even if you believe that’s true, you might not know exactly what it takes to build the crucial, sustained relationships that propel your business forward.

“After working with Leslie, I’m getting better at working through my feelings and managing my stress levels. I’m no longer considering medication to manage my stress and anxiety because I don’t need it. I feel like I’m getting my joy back, and I’m capable of continuing to do the work I love. I would recommend Leslie without hesitation. If you’re a professional woman struggling with burnout, you would benefit greatly from her programs.”
– Stephanie, attorney and law firm partner
“Leslie has been an insightful resource for me. As a CEO, I struggle to consistently maintain my focus on success while still achieving a sense of balance. Leslie has worked with me to implement disciplined, practical strategies that help me build a career that serves my life goals.”
– Kelly, CEO and business owner
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