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Learning to Let Go

One of the hardest tasks for any leader to master is the art of letting go. When is the right time to turn something over to someone else? Which tasks should be passed along? How much feedback and oversight should you provide? None of these

Why Creativity Matters, Regardless of Your Job

If you had asked me several years ago to list my most prevalent characteristics, creativity would have never entered my mind. As a corporate lawyer working in the financial industry, I couldn’t see what I had in common with my friends who were artists, or

Four Key Skills to Effectively Manage a Team

Managing people is a difficult task. Yet, most of us arrive in our first management position because we are technically good at our jobs, not because we have learned strong management skills. Good engineers get promoted to team lead in an engineering firm. High performing

“After working with Leslie, I’m getting better at working through my feelings and managing my stress levels. I’m no longer considering medication to manage my stress and anxiety because I don’t need it. I feel like I’m getting my joy back, and I’m capable of continuing to do the work I love. I would recommend Leslie without hesitation. If you’re a professional women struggling with burnout, you would benefit greatly from her programs.”
– Stephanie, attorney and law firm partner
“Leslie has been an insightful resource for me. As a CEO, I struggle to consistently maintain my focus on success while still achieving a sense of balance. Leslie has worked with me to implement disciplined, practical strategies that help me build a career that serves my life goals.”
– Kelly, CEO and business owner
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