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2504, 2017

The Waiting Place

April 25th, 2017|

One of my favorite books to read to my boys is Dr. Suess’s Oh, The Places You’ll Go. If you’re a fan of this book like I am, you’re probably familiar with The Waiting Place. It’s an imaginary world where everyone is just waiting for something to happen so they can move on with their journey. When I get to this portion of the book, I always tend to get a little anxious. The energy

1503, 2017

Wanted: A Good Night’s Sleep

March 15th, 2017|

It can’t just be me. I can be exhausted for hours, barely able to keep my eyes open and my body moving, but the minute my head hits the pillow… I’m bombarded by a wave of thoughts, all of which demand my immediate attention. I toss and turn and worry and plan. And the more I do, the further away sleep seems to get. Finally, about an hour in and wide awake, I get up

1602, 2017

Are You the Hero of Your Story?

February 16th, 2017|

One of my favorite things about working with so many different women is hearing their stories. Who they really are. The ups and downs of their journey. Their hopes and dreams. Our stories make up the very fabric of our lives. They form our memories, and they inform the way we think about ourselves today. Much of our story is beyond our control. Where we are born, our parents, many of our childhood experiences are