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Three Essential Skills for Better Business Relationships

By now you’ve probably accepted - or at least heard - that relationships are key to your business success. But, even if you believe that’s true, you might not know exactly what it takes to build the crucial, sustained relationships that propel your business forward. Here are the three ingredients I consider essential in any business relationship: Authenticity People know when you’re being real and when you aren’t. If you can’t show up to business

October 11th, 2018|

The Profusion Strategies Story

I get quite a few questions about why my business is named Profusion Strategies. Since it’s a question I love to answer, I thought I’d share it here on the blog. Profusion is a synonym for abundance. It especially applies to living things - a profusion of blooms, for example. When I made the decision to leave the corporate world and become a coach, the thing I was most searching for in my own life

September 25th, 2018|

The Power of Scheduling

There cannot be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full.  – Henry Kissinger If you ask most successful people how they accomplish their most important priorities, you’ll hear one answer again and again – they schedule them. All of them. Meetings. Exercise. Time to work on big projects. Time to think and reflect. I have to confess that even though I’m a planner by nature, for a long time I fought the idea

September 12th, 2018|