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Setting Goals That Drive Success

Most of my clients come to me because they’re looking for some kind of change. They want to be better at managing their time, or communicating with their teams, or managing the complexities they face every day. On its face, nothing could be simpler. “I am here, I want to be there. I just need to get serious and make it happen, right?” As any of us who have set New Year’s resolutions only to

February 5th, 2019|

Letting Go of Others’ Expectations of You

Have you ever set a goal and worked hard to achieve it, only to feel like it didn’t really matter afterwards? Do other people comment about your fantastic career or amazing life while you silently wonder what they think is so great? If you find yourself in either of these situations very often, it may be because you’ve let other people’s priorities take over your life. Don’t misunderstand - there’s nothing wrong with occasionally setting

January 23rd, 2019|

Priorities : The Secret Ingredient to Success?

How many times have you made a great plan, set meaningful and thoughtful goals, or designed a new routine only to get off track before you even got started? The phenomenon of starting off strong only to have nothing really change is real, and it happens to most of us at some time or another. Change isn’t easy - but it can be done. Unfortunately, much of what we’ve learned about how to make changes

January 8th, 2019|