I get quite a few questions about why my business is named Profusion Strategies. Since it’s a question I love to answer, I thought I’d share it here on the blog.

Profusion is a synonym for abundance. It especially applies to living things – a profusion of blooms, for example.

When I made the decision to leave the corporate world and become a coach, the thing I was most searching for in my own life and career was a sense of abundance and peace. A sense that I could still engage in challenging work, and be dedicated to my career, without having to sacrifice my own well-being or that of my family. I wanted to meet the goals that mattered most to me without feeling like I was being swept along by a never ending series of emails, meetings, and other obligations. I wanted to find a new sense of purpose in my work and my life. To me, that was the heart of abundance – a spot from which all good things could grow.

I wasn’t interested in leaving work behind entirely, and as the mother of two small children, I knew that a constant state of balance and inner peace wasn’t really in the cards. I wasn’t interested in checking out of my career or my life. In fact, I wasn’t all that sure I wanted any of the circumstances of my life to change. I just knew that I had to change how they affected me. I wanted to see and feel the beauty of the crazy busy life I was leading in new, more joyful ways. I wanted to learn how to be more effective in managing my own work and my own life.

Luckily, I was also smart enough to know that this sense of purpose and peace wouldn’t come easily. That it would require consistent effort, discipline and commitment on my part to make it a reality. It would require a plan, maybe even a series of plans. These strategies would form the new backbone of my career and my life – and the name for my new business.

At its heart, my work is still about all these things. Through my coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements I hope to equip leaders and professionals with strategies, practices and tactics they can apply to their own careers and lives and accomplish what really matters to them. I hope that they learn what I have – that they can engage in challenging, meaningful work while finding the sense of peace and well-being they’ve been missing. This is secret to thriving – at work and beyond.